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Flavours That Bring Your Food To Life!

The Letterbox Larder is a new concept from Susie & Bob founders of the award winning company -  Burren Balsamics

“ We created The Letterbox Larder to share our unique flavourings. Everyday we are inspired to create, test and deliver our specially blended flavours which will take you home cooking to a new level. “

Our in house chef Bob brings together all our speciality blends and constantly creates dishes to test the seasonings and flavours. Using the unique Umami flavour offered by Burren Balsamic Vinegars it is blended with herbs and spices to create an unbelievably appetising flavour. The Balsamic Vinegar enhances the flavours of the spices which when added to cooking the most delicious flavours are achieved.

All our blends can be bought as a single product or you can choose a regular subscription all delivered straight to your front door and ready to add that sprinkling of restaurant style flavouring to your home cooked dishes.

Our selection also includes larder product from Burren Balsamics and a wonderful range of Indian Curry Mixes ( so easy! - just add water and protein for the most delicious curry ) All uniquely packaged for The Letterbox Larder

The Letterbox Larder from the beginning has had packaging firmly at the forefront of what we do. Our mission is to reduce packaging and waste along with providing the convenience of receiving quality ingredients via letter post.

“ Cooking is our passion and we look forward to sharing all of our Letter Box Larder recipes inspiring you to take your home cooking to a new level of flavour. “

Susie & Bob

The Letterbox Larder

The Letterbox Larder is a Burren Balsamics Company ( Est. 2014 )


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